Our Expertise


Seed breeding faces two challenges; the difficulty of standardizing and scaling data acquisition and the complexity of centrally managing phenotypic and environmental trial data.

Nowadays Seed Companies need to accelerate the processes of developing new materials through more precise and faster procedures.

Eiwa developed a platform that allows to operate on the dynamics of seed breeding programs on these three key points.

Augment Breeding programs globally

  • Scale-up Genotypes tested
  • Increase the selection pressure

Product Optimization & Cost Management

  • Increase the number of assestments, allowing early plot discard
  • Massive phenomics plot data to feed genomic predictive models

Accelerate new products to market

  • Monitor data from winter nursery programs
  • Better genotype characterization

We know that main seed development challenges are:

  • Hard to gather high quality data across many locations with standard procedures
  • Lack of centralized and integrated information during and after season
  • Hard to explain & share product performance without contextualized phenotypic data

Our goal is help companies to Identify the best genotypes and management practices for each environment that yields value to growers.

We developed a powerful digital platform that responds to company operational needs like:

Augment data acquisition quality across locations

  • Identify planting errors and field variability that impacts yield.
  • Monitor demo fields with similar processes

Availability of centralized and integrated information

  • Document product variations at different locations.
  • Digitize field observation results and historical data

Ease of explaining and sharing product performance

  • Data matrix that captures complete phenological indicators
  • Comparison of performance by product / location that supports sales

Our goal is to help companies to Identify and monitor the most efficient crop protection treatments.

Our platform solve most of the problems that arise when developing agricultural inputs for crop protection dealing with:

Subjective and expensive manual data acquisition

  • Monitor fields/trials with standardized protocols
  • Data integration (program, other sources data feeds)

Centralize & manage information from tials and demoplots

  • Data matrix capturing full phenological indicators
  • Program management cockpit with data driven KPIs

Organized results with imagery and ground notes

  • Access to digital registry from any place & any time
  • Organized wide range of georeferenced/temporal data

Share data with clients and sales channel

  • Organize tours based on selected trials on key moments of the season
  • Share information across all participants (e.g. third Party/contractors)